Batteries are the heart of any vehicle, so we’re here to ensure yours is healthily ticking away. A regular battery service can increase the lifespan of a battery, saving you money in the long run and ensuring you get the most power delivery to your vehicle.

As part of our comprehensive service we test your battery’s voltage and check for any damage, corrosion or weaknesses. If the battery can no longer support your vehicle, we can replace it with a reliable battery from ACDelco, Fullriver or Optima with sizes to suit any vehicle make or model.

ACDelco Batteries

Our main brand of Automotive replacement batteries is ACDelco. We stock a comprehensive range of ACDelco premium batteries for almost any vehicle ranging from small European cars to 4WD’s. ACDelco has proven to be a truly reliable product with trusted performance delivery and long life.

Find the ACDelco battery that suits your vehicle here.

Fullriver Batteries

For dedicated Deep-Cycle power in your 4WD, caravan or boat we recommend Fullriver batteries. Fullriver Deep-Cycle AGM batteries are designed to be discharged and recharged hundreds of times and have proven to supply reliable heavy-duty cycling power to even the toughest of vehicles.

Optima Batteries

Optima’s unique high-performance AGM batteries feature advanced Spiralcell® Technology and provide superior vibration resistance and extended battery life. These batteries are available in Redtop® for starting, Blue-top® for marine and Yellowtop® for any vehicle requiring both Deep -Cycle and starting power.