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Winter is upon us, and winter driving comes with it. While safety is an important consideration all year long, there are certainly some automotive maintenance jobs and safety checks that are specific to chilled air and winter driving that are a good idea to check into before we're knee deep in the season. To be sure you don't end up broken down on the side of the roads, or even worse end up with your holiday budget on ice thanks to unexpected repairs, have a look under the hood to be sure things are ship shape. As with any change of season, you should go to your regular maintenance log to make sure you are up to date on the maintenance items that should be taken care of throughout the year. The change of seasons is a great time to go through some once-a-year or twice-a-year auto maintenance tasks.


 In addition to the added perils of winter driving, the change in weather can bring peril to your car's systems. Freezing temperaturess, wet roads and wintery precipitation can gang up on your car if you don't give it a baseball-bat sized maintenance session. These winter maintenance jobs will keep you out of trouble:
•Check Your Antifreeze
 Your antifreeze (the juice that goes in your radiator) is an essential part of your car's winter protection. Your car contains a 50/50 mix of water and antifreeze. Make sure the level is full and the mixture is close to 50/50. At Berwick Auto Electrics & Mechanical we will check this mixture for free. You did remember to perform a radiator flush last spring, didn't you?

•Inspect Your Tyres
 The last line of defense between you and a gum tree are your tyres. Winter is not the time to get cheap about your tyres, so take the time to check the tread depth.  Vicroads says you need at least  3mm of depth to be safe. It's been our experience, especially in winter weather, that anything less than  3 to 4 mm be replaced soon. The old  coin test is as reliable as anything to find out whether your treads are ready for winter action. Also, be sure to check your tyre pressure. Believe it or not, they lose a little pressure when it gets cold, so pump 'em up.
Do you need new tyres? Check our prices.

•Replace Your Wiper Blades
 Wipers? What do your windscreen wipers have to do with winter weather? Two things. First, anything falling from the sky is going to end up on your windscreen, and unless you have a team of beavers riding on the bonnet of your car the task of clearing it falls on your wipers.  It takes wipers that are in top shape to keep your windshield clean and safe.

•Check Your Windscreen Washer Fluid
 You'll be using lots of washer fluid as you try to keep your windscreen sparkly. A kilometre stuck behind an B -Double will have your windscreen looking like a Desert Humvee if you're low on washer fluid. *Tip: Don't fill your washer fluid reservoir with anything except washer fluid, it won't freeze!


 On top of the checks you need to perform to ensure safe winter driving, now's a good time to do some annual maintenance. These aren't necessarily specific to winter driving, but it's a good point on the calendar to get around to doing this stuff.

  •Clean Your Battery Terminals
 Starting problems are a bummer any time of year. Regularly treating your battery to a cleaning can keep electrical gremlins at bay.

•Inspect Your Spark Plug Leads
 Cracked up  spark plug leads affect performance, gas mileage and general reliability. Be sure yours are in top shape.

•Inspect Your Brakes
 Brakes are not a good area to cut corners. Be sure your brakes have enough meat left to get you through the season.

•Check Your Engine Oil
 This should go without saying and should be done at least monthly.


•Radiator Flush Prevents Overheating
•Change Your Wipers
•Clean Up Your Battery


•Brake Fluid Check
•Radiator Coolant Level Check
•Adding Washer Fluid

 If all this is to hard why not call in to Berwick Auto Electrics and Mechanical and we can do all these checks for you.