Manufacturers handbook service

Your New Car Warranty is Safe with us

Did you know that to maintain your car’s warranty you don’t necessarily have to take it back to the dealer? If your car is still within its warranty, this is the choice for you.

We can service your new vehicle - We can also carry out manufacturer's hand book services and validate your service book. Your new car statutory warranty will be validated and protected.

No Need To Worry About Your Warranty!

  We use manufacturer service schedules in order to ensure that we are offering you the correct service for your vehicle’s needs. We use genuine parts and therefore ensure that your statutory warranty remains intact.

If your car is nearing the end of the warranty period, we recommend for you to bring it in for a service to check everything that falls under warranty. That way if the vehicle needs any repairs you can get it back to the dealer and have those warranty items performed before the warranty expires.

Of course not all parts are covered under warranty: tyres, brakes, windshields and wipers are all considered normal wear items that need to be serviced or replaced by the owner of the vehicle. So if your car is no longer covered by a manufacturer’s statutory warranty and you would rather opt for a standard service, please check out our equally comprehensive Services.

Full Manufacturer Scheduled Service

A ‘Full Manufacturer Scheduled Service’ is one which the vehicle manufacturer would suggest you take and is based on the specific age and mileage of your vehicle. This recommendation comes from extensive research carried out by the vehicles manufacturer. The research focuses on how their vehicles will age over time. It is this research that puts them in the best position to advise you on what will need to be checked and replaced as your vehicles age.

What Make This Different From a Full Service?

In a Full Service there are a set number of checks that are carried out no matter what vehicle you have. This means that the service you receive is not unique to your vehicle and its current condition or age.

With a Full Manufacturer Scheduled Service, this is not the case - no two services are the same.

You Won't Be Disappointed

Since a Full Manufacturer Scheduled Service follows the recommendations set out in the manufacturer’s handbook, you can rest assured that you will receive a truly high-quality service from qualified mechanics, all at a low competitive price.

To find out how much you can save on your next Full Manufacturer Scheduled Service call us today.

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Alcohol Interlocks

We are a Alcohol Interlock Installer for the Victorian Alcohol Interlock Program and can assist with any alcohol interlock or breath testing requirements you have.  Contact us today to make an appointment for installation or servicing of your alcohol interlock.

NEWSFLASH ........

In June 2014, Berwick Auto Electrics & Mechanical was successful in becoming one of only 38 RACV Accredited Auto Care Centres in Victoria.

HOT OF THE PRESS .... we are now a VACC A Grade Accredited Workshop

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