Daihatsu Car Service


Daihatsu Car Servicing & Repair Centre


At Berwick Auto Electrics and Mechanical, we are your one stop car servicing and repair shop.
We are your Daihatsu dealer alternative service centre with a convenient location in Berwick close to the Station.
If you have a Daihatsu that is under a Statutory warranty, try to find the time to make an appointment with Berwick Auto Electrics and Mechanical. Your
Daihatsu is a high-tech driving machine and you just can't take your Daihatsu to anybody.

Our professional Technicians who know your Daihatsu inside and out have the expertise required to service and repair all past & current Daihatsu models.
We will provide your Daihatsu the best Service possible, by using all the necessary diagnostic equipment and correct parts and oils. Our mission is to keep you driving safely on the road and enjoying all that your Vehicle has to offer.
Our experienced Technicians can perform the following services on your Daihatsu..

Computerised Diagnostics
 Factory-Scheduled Maintenance
 Engine Tune Up and Repairs
 Transmission Repair and Services
 Expert Brake Services
 Electrical System Services
 Air Conditioning and Cooling System
 Steering & Suspension
 Shocks & Struts
 Exhaust System Repair
 Performance Upgrades
 Convenient Location close to Berwick Railway Station
 And much more
One- stop Daihatsu Service Centre
We offer a one - stop service & repair centre for all Daihatsu models: tyres, brakes, suspension, wheel alignment, exhaust & mufflers, auto electrical electrical, engine diagnosis and all schedule servicing. We can help you and instruct you with all your Daihatsu servicing needs.
When the work is finished we road test and inspect each vehcile to make sure that the work was done to manufactures standards. Call us today to schedule an appointment at  our service centre located in Berwick, or simply drop us an email and will will only be to happy to call you.